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Refund Tables

Degree Program Refund Tables

The tables for refunds presented below indicate the sum of money that the student is entitled to receive based on the day when they withdraw from their courses or program. Please use the the drop down menu to navigate to each degree program's refund schedule. 

  • How to Calculate Prorated Refund:

    • Count the number of days from the first day of the semester (Fall 2023 = Aug. 28 and Spring 2024 = Jan. 8) to the date of your withdrawal.

    • Divide the number of days by number of days in the semester (Fall = 117 days and Spring 2024 =114 days) and multiply it by the cost of a single course to get your prorated fee.

    • Subtract prorated fee from actual fees paid. This will be your approximate refund for one course. 

    • After 60% of classes are attended, there will be no refund available. 

    • Example:

      • Chris withdraws from all his Spring MBA classes on the 10th day of the semester.

      • 10/110 x $2,400.00 = $205.13

      • $2,400.00 - $205.13 = $2,194.87 refund

MBA Program Refund Table

BS Program Refund Table

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