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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Online)

Earn your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Virscend University in Irvine, CA.

The Bachelor of Science Program is designed for students with an Associate's Degree that are looking for a flexible business administration program. The program is designed for business-oriented individuals that have completed a minimum of 60 units at either a community college or 4-year university. Students enrolled in the program must complete 20 courses at Virscend University in order to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. The program may be completed online or in person within 2 years for full-time students. For students enrolled part-time the length of time to finish the program will be longer.

Program Description 

This program is designed to help students obtain business administration knowledge and skills. Students develop competencies in the rapidly changing economy with new opportunities arising daily in the business world. The students will acquire tools to prepare them to meet the challenges of a global market place in a wide variety of industries.

Program Mission

Our mission is to inspire business professionals to be intellectually prepared for the fast-changing global business environment.

Program Learning Outcomes​

  • PLO1: Critical Thinking - Students will demonstrate conceptual learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • PLO2: Business Ethics - Students will demonstrate awareness and knowledge of social responsibility, ethical leadership and citizenship issues in the local, rational, and world communities.
  • PLO3: Team Skills - Students will demonstrate interpersonal skills for working in a dynamic and diverse world including in a team.
  • PLO4: Communication Skills - Students will demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills in English.
  • PLO5: Business Functions - Students will demonstrate an understanding of all business functions, practices and related theories and integrate this functional knowledge to address business problems.
  • PLO6: Quantitative & Technical Skills - Students will demonstrate quantitative and technological skills enabling them to analyze and interpret business data effectively and to improve business performance.
  • PLO7: Globalization - Students will learn the fundamental theories and practices of globalized environment, supply chain and government policies and apply the relevant concepts to facilitate efficient globalized operations

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Semester Units​

  • 60-semester units

Is an Externship or Internship Required?

  • No

Graduation Requirements

  • To complete this program a student must complete all prescribed courses and earn a cumulative 2.5 grade point average.

Final Tests or Exams

  • Yes. Students are evaluated through written and performance assessments in each course taken in this program of study.
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