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이달의 버센드 학생

Alumni are crucial to the success of Virscend University. They are a direct reflection of what is delivered in our industry-current learning environment. Below are just a few of our alumni that have earned their MBA degrees from Virscend. What do our alumni say about their experience as graduate students? They say it changed their lives, deepened their understanding of the world, and opened unexpected opportunities for them.

Jennifer's Alumni Headshot

Jennifer Mai 

Senior Retail Designer | Lovepop

MBA 22'

Alex's Alumni Headshot

Alexander Meschi

Director of Marketing & Tech | Sam Technology

MBA 22'

Crystal's Alumni Headshot

Crystal Kline

Logistics Processor | Nordstrom

MBA 22'

Eileen's Alumni Headshot

Eileen Tonel

Senior Program Manager | Mint Mobile

MBA 20'

Calvin's Alumni Headshot

Calvin Leung

Accounts Payable Specialist | SpaceX

MBA 20'

Brant's Alumni Headshot

Brant DeBoer 

Account Executive |

MBA 22'

Jonathan's Alumni Headshot

Jonathan Mai 

Senior Product Manager | CoreLogic

MBA 22'

Derek's Alumni Headshot

Derek Warmington 

CEO | Application Fitness

MBA 22'

Colette's Alumni Headshot

Colette Wang

Flight Attendant | American Airline

MBA 22'

Sonia's Student Headshot

Sonia Zhang

MBA 24'

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