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BPPE 보고서 및 학교 성과 시트

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that students enrolled in a program at Virscend University have the opportunity to complete their program of study in the event that the program is no longer offered. This policy applies to all programs offered by Virscend University, including those that are phased out or discontinued.



  • In the event that a program is being phased out or discontinued, the school will provide written notice to students currently enrolled in the program at least 12 months prior to the end of the program. The notice will include information about the date the program will be discontinued, the reason for the discontinuation, and the options available to students to complete their program of study.

  • The school will work with affected students to develop an individualized teach-out plan that will allow them to complete their program of study in a timely and efficient manner. This may include course substitutions, transfer credits, and/or other arrangements as appropriate.

  • The school will provide academic and administrative support to students throughout the teach-out period to ensure that they have the resources and assistance needed to complete their program of study.

  • The school will also work with students to identify other programs within the school that align with the student's field of study and career goals as an alternative.

  • The school will maintain accurate records of the teach-out plan for each affected student and will provide a copy of the plan to the student upon completion of the program.

  • The school will also notify any relevant accrediting bodies and state regulatory agencies of the discontinuation of the program and the teach-out plan.

  • The school will evaluate the effectiveness of the teach-out policy on a regular basis, in order to make improvements as needed.

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