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International Degrees and English Requirements

All instructions will be delivered in English. Students who fail to meet the minimum English language requirement can enroll in one of the Virscend University's partner ESL programs to fulfill the requirement. A conditional acceptance letter will be issued if the student has satisfied all other admission requirements. The student will be admitted to the program after completing the required ESL program. To learn more about attending an ESL school to obtain the minimum language requirements, please reach out to the admissions office via email at or by phone at (949) 50-6252

6.1 Admission Requirements

For students who have obtained their undergraduate/graduate coursework from an institution outside of the United States, the following additional steps must be taken in order to satisfy the application requirements for both the BS and MBA programs:


  1. Degree Validation WES (World Education Services) IERF (International Education Research Foundation) or NACES 

    • Students must submit their transcripts, degree and any other documents to either one of the above listed agencies or recognized NACES approved agencies. The agency will verify that all documentation is accurate and that it meets the accreditation criteria necessary to transfer their degree into the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree, coursework, and/or certificate from an accredited institution of the United States. The agency will report their findings to our school.

  2. English Proficiency Requirement

Students who have an international degree must provide proof of English proficiency in either of the following ways: 

  • Medium of Instruction Letter (MIL): Students may obtain a MIL letter from the respective university in which they have completed their coursework. The MIL letter serves as a legal document that certifies that all instruction in the foreign institution has been delivered in the English Language Only. 

  • Completion and a minimum score as listed below for either of the following exams:


BS Program (2-year degree completion program)
TOEFL: 61, IELTS 5.5, PTE: 43, DUOLINGO: 95, EIKEN: Pre-1, Cambridge English Assessment: 162, or ESL Program: Level 4
MBA Program: 
TOEFL: 80, IELTS 6.0, PTE: 58, DUOLINGO: 115, EIKEN: 1, Cambridge English Assessment: 169, or ESL Program: Level 6

Students who do not have a language test score nor a MIL may be provisionally admitted to the university upon review of a candidate’s work experience and/or English related coursework, and in-house English test.

  • If the student has acquired work experience where English language was the primary language used within their work environment, the student may submit their resume/employer’s letter emphasizing the length of employment and department contact information where confirmation of English usage during employment may be verified. Please note that the student must have had a minimum of one year of employment. 

    • Students submitting work experience to meet the English Proficiency requirement are subject to an interview and written assessment. 

  • If the student has completed an English program from an accredited institution, the student may submit transcripts/certificates showing English language coursework taken within the trajectory of a year. 

  • Candidates undergo an interview that allows the candidate to demonstrate his/her speaking and listening skills. 

  • The written assessment assesses reading comprehension and conventional grammar rules.

Both the interview and written assessment have been carefully crafted to assess a candidate’s readiness for the program in which he/she is applying. Once conducted the results are assessed and communicated to the Admission Committee. 


Further, Virscend University recognizes that second language acquisition is a lifelong endeavor. Students who satisfy the requirements for admission will be monitored periodically to ensure that the students receive language support when necessary. Virscend University may require students to partake in a language development course/program to further assist their English development. Currently, the university sponsors Irvine Project Manager Toastmasters. Irvine Project Managers Toastmasters is part of an international educational organization. It is recognized for its focus in communication and leadership development. Students may consider registering for Irvine Project Managers Toastmasters or other language development programs upon approval from the Academic Program Director.  


6.2 Regarding Student Visas

Virscend University currently offers form I-20 for an F-1 status student visa to qualified international student applicants for the MBA program.


F-1 Student Visa:

The F-1 Student Visa is the most common visa for international students studying in the United States. It is issued to students who are enrolled in a full-time academic program at a U.S. educational institution. To obtain an F-1 visa, you must provide proof of acceptance to a SEVP-approved school, demonstrate that you have the financial resources to support yourself during your studies, and show that you intend to return to your home country after completing your program.

Admisson Requirements
Regarding Student Visas
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