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Transfer Policy

4.1 BS Program

This is a new program that Virscend University plans to start in the Fall of 2024. This program is designed for students with an Associate Degree that are looking to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Please read the information below and contact The Admissions Department for further information at (949) 502-6252 or email


Virscend University only takes transfer students for our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program. Applicants must have an associate degree from a community college or two-year equivalent study from either a two-year or four-year college with a minimum of 60 units and a minimum GPA of 2.5 or other consideration deemed valid by the Admissions Committee. The student will follow our admissions process and submit an application along with official transcripts and an application fee to the Office of Admissions (See Admissions). For further assistance, call the Office of Admissions at (949) 502-6252.


Virscend University accepts up to 60 lower division units transferred from an accredited institution based on case-by-case consideration or articulation agreements. The Admissions Committee will evaluate and make judgments about the equivalency of the transfer of credits. The evaluation criteria include the course level (upper or lower division), the course title and content, the number of units, the accreditation status of the school where the course was taken, the student’s grade earned, and the mode of instruction. 


4.2 MBA Program

The transfer policy is not applicable to the MBA program unless it is from a school with an articulation agreement (please refer to Articulation Agreements). Otherwise, students must be awarded a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, and if, it is an international degree must have their credentials evaluated by a NACES recognized agency that validates the equivalency of the international degree to that of a United States degree.

BS Program
MBA Program
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